A. J. Darkholme

Author, Poet, Artist, Philosopher

Most notable work:
The Morningstar Chronicles
(Novel, Series)

The Introvert

The Morningstar Chronicles: Part I
Rise of the Morningstar


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Major Characters


A man whose life is not going how he once thought it would; he works hard, but it seems like no matter how hard he works or how good he is, things just do not go his way. At his breaking point, he goes all-for-broke and starts taking back control of his life, soon realizing the power of his choices. But those choices do not come without consequence; the more he changes things and starts to manipulate the people around him, the more it begins to change him as well...

The Dark King

The most powerful king in all the land, immortal and commanding an ancient power that no army could ever hope to compete with. Despite his immense power, he is somewhat removed and distant to say the least.



The scarred-faced assassin, ranked number two in The Silence. Six-foot-two, well-built, with a dull sense of humour. Dependable and capable, he knows how to do what is asked of him and does it well.


Fun-loving jokester of The Silence. Always good for a laugh.


Figurehead and leader of The Silence, a band of assassins who roam the land in search of ending those who overstep their boundaries and make life more difficult than it should be. He is a master strategist and highly-ranked combatant among the group of assassins, always  thinking at least two steps ahead. A very understanding and open-minded man.


A woman of poise and wisdom, and hands-down the most deadly member of The Silence. She specializes in Shadow Combat, though her focus is on Elektra most of all. She has everyone's best intentions at heart, but she is not beyond doing whatever needs to be done to complete whatever mission she is dedicated to.


Quick-to-anger demolitions expert of The Silence. Older brother of Ephraim. Makes the bombs that produce the biggest, most forceful  explosions.


The lighthearted younger brother of Zebulun and The Silence's "special demolitions" expert. He doesn't produce bombs of the same magnitude Zebulun can, but his special bombs are known to corrode, disintegrate, and otherwise create molecular instabilities in even the most stable and impenetrable of materials.


The Silence's medicine man. A scholarly individual who spends most of his time reading, learning, and experimenting. Knows a great deal about a great deal of things.


The youngest member of The Silence. She is well-taken care of and always watched over by Naphtali. Studies medicine with Benjamin.


A scruffy-looking assassin with The Silence whose throwing knife skills are second-to-none. Carries with him a checkered-past that seems to motivate even his most insignificant of actions.



An impressionable young boy The Silence meets in Sipondel. Morningstar's "pet project" whose mind is shaped by Morningstar's teachings and philosophies daily.

King Valenvy

King of Sipondel. Unhappy, underachieving, and driven by a lack of ambition to laziness. Very closed-minded and more certain of himself than he should be.


King Congreed

Although somewhat of an alcoholic pleasure-seeker in his downtime, Congreed is the wealthiest king around - and one of the smartest too. Descendant of a long line of hot-tempered and very skilled warriors, he has used his wealth to secure his status as one of the most envied and feared kings in history.

Madam Green

Leader of Excapathia's gang of greedy rebels, The Neutralizers. Second most powerful person in the kingdom, and mother to Mercedes.


King Repride

The double-crossing Assassin who usurped the throne of Toreth in a time of trust and vulnerability. And very dangerous enemy - or friend - to have.





Minor Characters


The mischievous Spirit of Light who generally dwells in the space between this world and the next. That is, until he feels the need to intervene...


Father Gregory

The church of the Dark Kingdom's Patriarch. A gentle and wise man, trustworthy and genuine.


Morningstar's wife and one of the Dark Kingdom's sweetest, pure-hearted, most beloved people.


Owner of Lucky's Tavern and one of the Dark Kingdom's most influential members. Very social and has connections everywhere.


Neighbour of Morningstar and Emeline. Wife of Henry.

Morningstar's father

A very hardened man with a lot of repressed anger and sadness. Lost his wife to an unknown sickness and has been rather cold to Morningstar since.

Illyana / The Dark Queen

A mysterious, confident, and deadly woman who finds her way into the Dark Kingdom, winning the heart of the Dark King unintentionally. She doesn't speak much about her past, but has clearly learned much from it. Her stealth, agility, and skill with a variety of weapons and poisons make her one of the Dark Kingdom's most curious individuals.



Cherished chef and experienced ranger of The Silence. Loves food, nature, and can tell you the name and purpose of every flower, weed, and herb in the land.


Athletic master archer of The Silence with the beauty of a goddess. She is a shameless flirt, confident and alluring, but above all, quite deadly, up close or from a distance.


The bitter misanthrope of The Silence. Whether he can be trusted or not remains to be seen, but he still carries a chip on his shoulder of past transgressions that makes him anything but pleasant to be around.


Master of ladders and The Silence's most dextrous and nimble members. Can make a weapon out of just about anything.


Smooth-talking confidence man for getting into places without the need for force. Very kind and welcoming, open demeanor about him. Decent at hand-to-hand combat, but still not the highest-ranked member of The Silence.


The hulking mass of muscle and valued member of The Silence. His strength is paralleled by no one, but is a softie at heart.


Father Green

Sipondel's priest. A very religious disciplinarian who knows the scriptures inside and out and will offer his assistance to even the oddest of strangers who need his help, as long as their motives are in tune with the Lord's...


Guardian of the boy Arkade. A kind, plain woman. Lives in Sipondel and attends Father Green's church.


Mercedes Green

Daughter of Madam Green. Lives in Excarpathia, but does not agree with the lifestyle of rampant greed, so she lives alone in a secluded part of the city where no one can bother her.

Rex Silverstone

The wealthiest, most worthless bag of scum in the kingdom Simeon grew up in. Had his hands in the gambling and sex-trade industries, corrupting Simeon's family beyond the point of no return.


The Crimson-Eyed One

A tiny magical being with a worn, dark cloak and a single glowing crimson eye that seems to only be seen around when people have died or are dying. Very few have ever seen it, and even fewer know the depth of the secrets it holds...


Right-hand thug of Madam Green's group of renegades and rebels, The Neutralizers.


An unknown boy of immense potential, sharing the Dark King's power and abilities.

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