A. J. Darkholme

Author, Poet, Artist, Philosopher

Most notable work:
The Morningstar Chronicles
(Novel, Series)

The Introvert



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ISBN-13:  978-0-9918778-0-5
ISBN-10: 0-9918778-0-2
ISBN (eBook): 0-9918778-1-2
Paperback:  $17.99 USD
eBook: $2.99 USD
Language: English
Page count:  328
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.7 inches
Weight: 14.7 ounces
Released: December 1, 2014
Publisher: Mistero Publishing
Availability: Amazon (Kindle)

"Rise of the Morningstar" is the first book in the self-help fantasy series, "The Morningstar Chronicles". It is the story of a man whose life is not going how he once thought it would; he works hard, but it seems like no matter how hard he works or how good he is, things just do not go his way. At his breaking point, he goes all-for-broke and starts taking back control of his life, soon realizing the power of his choices. But those choices do not come without consequence; the more he changes things and starts to manipulate the people around him, the more it begins to change him as well...

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From the Author about "Rise of the Morningstar":

When a lot of people ask me what this book is about, it's hard to say exactly... let alone be concise about it. Many who have read it would agree that it's a mash-up of a lot of different genres and tastes (see review section on Amazon and Goodreads), but more importantly, those genres come together in a way that leaves readers satisfied, regardless of their go-to genres of preference. So if you're looking for a good read with depth, here's a brief list of things you'll find in the book:

  • Strong female role-models (smart, fierce, skilled, wise, and quite often a force to be reckoned with)

  • Entertaining and deep characters, each fulfilled by something different (from the soul-searcher for life's meaning, to the void-chaser, to the powerlust-er, to many more interesting characters, be they ruled by one of the seven deadly sins, or selfless and compassionate.)

  • Heroic adventure (medieval weapons, magic, gods, assassins, technology... it's all there)

  • Love story based in loss and coping (not all lovey-dovey (at least not all the way through), but rather the timeless void that's left in a heart once its desired occupant is no longer around)

  • Tips on overcoming life's struggles (from loss, love (having and losing), ambition, meaning, significance, self-esteem and belief in yourself, and more. These tips aren't just given to passively help you react to people, but shows you how to actively make change in your life - big or small - through self-awareness, manipulation, and a mix of proven textbook (and some "home brew") psychological self-experimentations.)

  • Constructive darkness (Some people see heaviness and darkness as evil or bad, but I try to reshape that stereotype into a more positive light, because I believe it's not until you're in (or have been through) the dark that you can *truly* appreciate the light. In the dark, there's usually more of a need for rescue... you're vulnerable, lost... and those kind of things make a message of hope that much more appealing, I think - thoughts that drive people to think deeper and question and soul search, and ultimately the light.)

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! And the best part is: if you like it, there's more in the series coming! The Morningstar Chronicles - TO BE CONTINUED...

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